Goliath - Gentle Green Giant


Hi there! We are your new PHASMIDS!! We are part of the stick and leaf insect families and so glad to meet you! You’ll find one of us is a teeny baby, brown in colour. I am a CROWN STICK insect and will grow as long as your hand. In the mean time I will be tricky to find so get your explorer eyes on and find me camouflaging between the leaves! The big one of us is a GOLIATH; I have little wings on my bigger body and sometimes fly. (So best not play with me outside!) I am an adult so probably won’t grow anymore.

Goliath on Hand

Some important things you should know about us...

What do we love to eat? Eucalyptus leaves … all of various Eucalyptus trees are fine.. like Blackbutt, Blue Gum, Red Mahogany … you can give us any of these and we’ll be happy. You'll easily find the leaves in your neighbourhood or local park. We also like Acacia (wattle), Cadagi or Guava trees which ever you choose, we really like fresh, healthy leaves brought to our enclosure at least once a week. If you put them in a jar with water they'll stay fresh for the whole week. It's probably best if you pick the leaves on the same day each week so you're less likely to forget us! Don't worry if you don't see us eating much during the day. We like to eat more at night while you are sleeping.

I'm a bit fussy with my leaves so please don't tempt me with any other kinds of food other than those we mentioned. I really don’t do well with anything else!

Water: Just like you we need fresh water every day. Just spray the leaves with water, once a day every day, and those little water droplets will give me all the refreshment I need. Please don't spray directly on us, it gives us a bit of a shock! Remember...EVERY DAY, SPRAY!

Temperature: We love it when the temperature is somewhere between 22° to 26° Celsius. We can handle between 10° and 20° Celsius. If we’re inside then just make sure we’re not near the heater but if you keep us outside, please bring us in more often and at night, especially during winter months. (Honestly we don't like being out in the cold).

Handling:Goliath on HeadWe don't mind being held. Hope you will find it a thrill to have us crawl around your fingers, up your arm and around your shoulders. Just careful we don't fall to the ground 'cause it's a long way down with these little bodies and skinny long legs!

When trying to get us out of our enclosure, don't grab us- just slowly place your fingers close to us until we crawl on board.

Moulting: Every so often we shed our skin but don't worry! It's a part of the growing process. Sometimes we may even lose a leg in the process - they grow back over time. Don't stress we can handle it!

How long we’ll hang around: Phasmids, we are told, are creatures people still don't know a lot about. Sometimes we are around a few months and sometimes right up to a year, and humans can’t work out really how long each one of us will hang around. Just know we will be so happy being your new pet for as long as we can.

More Information: There's so much you can learn about us. If you're keen to know more about how amazing we really are just jump online and search Crown Stick Insect and Goliath Insects! Don't forget to get the okay from your parents first.

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