Earth Kids - Partying with Nature helps you have a wonderful, fun and learning experience while celebrating your child's party
Often people worry about the planning and executing a party. At Partying with Nature, we will work with you to find the right package to plan your party as well as keeping the costs down.
Dr Livinia Stone is a wonderful character who will help your kids learn while having fun. If you have any particular needs just call Lorena on 0433 433 683
Our party packages range from small kid's parties to beautiful butterfly filled tea parties. For each party, we provide the same quality, wonderful experience.

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Partying with Nature

Why not enjoy nature and all it has to offer in the setting of your home or local park.

We'll help you & your family plan it from start to finish with invitations, party packs and of course, our famous Dr Livinia Stone with her little animal friends.

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Cost Effective Party Packages – Everytime

Call Lorena on 0433 433 683 to help plan your child's fun-filled learning party.

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